The Conduit UK Multiplayer Tournament

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The Conduit UK Multiplayer Tournament Empty The Conduit UK Multiplayer Tournament

Post by MEZ on Thu May 21, 2009 9:32 am

Hi guys i'm from the ning forums and prem advised me to post this here btw this a quote from the ning post.

Hi guys so i was thinking that when the conduit comes out we should do like UK(or europe) and America tournaments so the idea came to me when i saw this post so thats a good idea,and we can have global tournaments ,Country tournaments(i.e UK) and Clan Tournaments.I can be an organizer i just need more organizers to help with the UK ones and obviously you Americans need your own tournaments aswell so you should pick some organizers aswell.But i will be only able to organize tournaments from
July! not June=(
these are the people who could participate in the tournaments:
Time Zone:GMT

2422 9099 8215 4605
Time Zone: GMT

Time Zone: GMT

7386 0759 7564 7194
Time Zone GMT

And much more UK gamers just post your details here(
Denden51 is an organizer so is FapyN and i think addnewman is in aswell!


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