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Post by tastethebeast on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:17 am

Okay, look, my clan is recruiting for the conduit. You may have
heard of them before; [WTO] which stands for, Were Taking Over.
Yea were recruiting, we support the ps3 and wii, we have separate chats for
ps3, wii, and even have a chat room just for The Conduit. The our main game is COD waw
and pretty much the conduit, there our two main stream games. We also support
brawl and mario kart wii, but its very little. its just kinda of there lol. NO we dont have a chat room
for those two. So if you have a PS3 and play COD waw come check us out and join, OR if you have a
Wii and play Cod waw or conduit, even both, come check us out and join please.


here is our site^^^ when you get on the site, look at the second section to the left it well have CHAT ROOMS
It will have Wii chatroom, PS3 chatroom, and Conduit chat. if your main system is wii go to wii, if ps3, go to ps3 chat.
well when you get in one of those two chats, say your new and asked to be tested, a gen will test you and most likely you will get in. ok thanks, hope you consider joing, please. peace

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