-RULES!- Read before posting please!

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-RULES!- Read before posting please! Empty -RULES!- Read before posting please!

Post by DarkShadowRage on Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:44 pm

I'm going to lay a set of ground rules for these forums I expect people to follow. I'm sure the staff and other moderators would agree with these.

#1: Absolutly, positivly NO SPAMMING! what I mean by spamming, don't post alot of random messages over and over constantly that have no meaning to the discussion taking place at hand.

#2: Respect, I expect you all to respect other forum members and treat them with respect as well. This is a growing community, we want people to STAY HERE and ENJOY their self without the fear of being treated like ass.

#3: Spelling, I understand it's the internet, you arent writing an essay for a school paper. I just ask for you to make your posts readable so people can understand what you are actually saying. If your words are missing letters, or are all over the place chances are people aren't going to be able to understand you.

#4: No unauthorized advertising, meaning don't start advertising your site all over the forums, you can have a Link to your site in your signature or in your profile but please do not tell people to join your site.

#5: No racism, no hate speech, no derogatory statements or slurs. Any of this you'll be banned instantly, no ifs ands or buts about it. Simply put, DON'T DO IT!

#6: No trolling, What I mean by trolling is: Intending solely to annoy and/or offend other posters.

#7:Spoiler with no Warning: Revealing critical plot details with no warning.
If your thread has SPOILERS IN IT make a warning in the thread so people don't get spoiled.

#8: Disruptive Posting: ALL CAPS, large blank posts, multiple hard-to-read posts, mass bumping, etc. Don't do it.

#9: Off-Topic Posting: Topics outside of the board description, yeah this should be a no brainer.

#10: No Flaming: Clear insults of other board users, also a no brainer.

#11: No sexually explict images or shock images allowed, that's an instant ban.

#12: Please use the search function! At the top of the page to see if the topic you are about to make has already been made, so we don't get alot of the same topic over and over again.

#13: No flooding, don't flood the boards with alot of useless crap and posts please, we want to keep this community organized.

#14: No double posting. What this means, is once you post in a thread, don't post right afterward. If you really must say something before someone else, there is an edit feature for a reason. Use it.

These are just a slate of ground rules I set down I expect each and every board member to follow them. If Shokio or any other admins or mods want to add their own set of rules to this go for it.

Just have fun and enjoy the community! Thank you!

-RULES!- Read before posting please! ShadowBrawlSigNewSamus
-RULES!- Read before posting please! Xclanxshadow

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