Rival Schools Comic(4 parts)

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Rival Schools Comic(4 parts) Empty Rival Schools Comic(4 parts)

Post by AxelDemon on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:34 pm

I was reading some post in capcom-unity's forum(the street fighter III section) and one of the guys from UDON(the people who did the art for sfthd remix and the sf comics) was talking about a sfIII comic and when i scrolled down i saw an add on the site that said they had their entire " Rival Schools " comic online for free! So naturally i said " FORR FREE!? " and i red it. It was pretty good. The artwork was pretty good, but i didn't expect much, because so far as the facial art goes, i don't like it. So this one was no suprise. I'm not trying to say the artwork sucks, but i definitely can draw better faces, or faces that don't look so......WEIRD. But all in all it was a good comic and i decided to post it for you guys on the forum.



(EDIT: Whoops, forgot the link)

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